Rockcote Coloured Render
Rockcote Coloured Renders offer a timeless and beautiful quality that painted surfaces simply cannot achieve.

Express your individual style in a unique way with Rockcote Coloured Render. Our acrylic paint renders give a flat natural finish and provide the extra dimension required to achieve an individual and personalised signature look for your home, inside or out.

From traditional to contemporary; new development or renovation; shopping mall, office, school or hotel, when it comes to high performance architectural coatings, the Rockcote Coloured Render range will deliver the classic looks and natural beauty uniquely associated with stand-out premium properties.
Rockcote Coloured Render
Textured Coatings and Paints
Rockcote Texture adds depth and dimension like no other wall coating. It’s perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of marble or stone. From the casual elegance of a tropical villa to the sleek, modern look of a contemporary setting, or the classically traditional home, Rockcote Texture offers creativity and versatility.
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Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
Protective Finishes and Coatings
Rockcote’s range of protective paint coatings has been specifically formulated to endure the harshest Australian conditions. Ideal for all exterior projects, these premium heavy duty acrylic membrane coatings provide long-term protection, durability and low maintenance.
Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
Professional's Choice
Rockcote cement renders are pre-blended polymer modified cement renders, manufactured to exacting specifications in Australia’s premier, state of the art render manufacturing plant. Composed of high quality washed and graded sand, Rockcote Cement Renders are suitable for hand or machine application over masonry substrates (Rockcote’s Cement Render mix QRender PM100 is designed to be used over Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Key product features include; excellent adhesion, increased water repellence, increased resistance to micro or spider cracking, product consistency, faster curing time and less wastage.

Additional benefits include; no priming required prior to painting or texturing, and a 10 year warranty on product quality.
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Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
Ecostyle Zero VOC, Non Toxic Paint
Rockcote EcoStyle is a completely safe and non-toxic paint range which contains zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that pollute the air in homes and offices.

Rockcote EcoStyle is the first choice for everyone ranging from new mothers painting their nurseries to architects, building designers and interior designers. Rockcote EcoStyle is the first choice for most because of its quality, durability and performance as well as the benefit of being not just low VOC but Zero VOC.

Rockcote Ecostyle paints have been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia. Being Zero VOC, they will not exude dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals and gasses, neither will they leave that lingering paint smell, that can take weeks or months to disappear.

Rockcote EcoStyle is made with exterior grade resin to ensure the highest quality and durability. Because Rockcote EcoStyle is formulated for exterior use, it contains superior properties that provide far greater performance on interior applications than alternatives available. Best of all Rockcote EcoStyle costs the same or less than conventionally formulated premium paints.
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Unlimited colour range
  • Easy application
  • Bonds effectively
  • Highly enduring
  • Zero VOCs
  • Low odour
  • 100% acrylic
  • GECA Certified
  • Scrubbable and washable
Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
By working with natural clay minerals and renewables like straw, hemp, bamboo, wheat and even volcanic ash we are reviving ancient skills and building practices like:

  • Natural Mineral Plasters for straw bale or cob homes and bamboo substrates - as well as conventional properties.
  • Natural Mineral Paints 100% free of synthetic nasties and toxins
  • Wood-fired pizza ovens made from cob, inspired by nature’s geometry and cements made in ancient Rome from volcanic ash.
Rockcote Earthen products are made with pure ingredients and are free from synthetic nasties and toxins, therefore exactness or consistency of colour and finish is neither achievable nor desirable where these products are chosen and used.
Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
Rockcote Dryzone
Rockcote Dryzone delivers seamless walling systems based on traditional solid plastering techniques. Engineered to withstand the harshest of Australian and New Zealand conditions, you can depend on Rockcote’s Dryzone systems to deliver a high performance and easy to install rendered wall.

There are 3 walling systems, each with 3 layers:

  • Substrate and trims
  • Reinforced base render
  • Coloured render
Rockcote Texture Coatings and Paint
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